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Listen carefully and you'll hear it......

It's the music that's been spilling over mountain peak, across moor and down the glen for centuries. The rhythm has caught the waves to America, Canada, down under to Australia and New Zealand; to the veldts of Africa, the steps of Russia and the vast plains of the Far East.

It's the sound of the Celtic people. From Scotland and it's highlands and lowlands. From Ireland and it's hills and glens. It's pipes and mouth music. It's accordions and fiddles. It's harp and guitar. It's Lauder and Stewart. It's Burns and Yeats.

And bringing it all together is East of the Hebrides Entertainments. Presenting Concerts, Dinner shows, Scottish & Irish Music Festivals, Highland Games and Gatherings, Bill & Karen Reid capture the spirit of the Gael, the sound and substance of Celtic music.

We invite you to attend our events, our parties, our celebrations, our festivals where we always have the finest Scottish and Irish entertainers, performers and musicians and exhibits. Or if you are looking for professional presenters to help or stage your event, call us. We only work with the best! We only present the finest!

"Ye Canna Beat It!"
Bill & Karen

BROTHER at the Sellersville Theater - Thursday, September 4th - 8pm. http://brothermusic.com/tour
Our latest Fall Festival is announced - The NE (Northeast) Philly Irish Festival - September 6 & 7. Check it out on the Up-Coming Events Page. This one is going to be fantastic!
After two years and at the brand new Brittingham's Pub, the Labor Day Sunday Festival in the parking lots is back on August 31st. See the Up-Coming Events Page.
THE 2015 BRONACH IN SCOTLAND TOURS ARE ANNOUNCED! Click on our Up-Coming Events Page (on the left)and scroll to the information on these two exciting trips with ALBANNACH AND BROTHER!
It's never too far out to plan a trip to the Bahamas - especially when it's a cruise to get there with ALBANNACH! Check out the details on the UP-COMING EVENTS PAGE. (When you get there, scroll to the bottom for the cruise listing.)
Mark your calendars for our 23rd Annual Greater Philadelpia Mid-winter Scottish & Irish Music Festival and Fair. Check it out on our Up-coming Events page.
Go to Scotland with Charlie Zahm - July 25 to August 2nd 2015. Click on our Up-Coming Events Page (on the left)and scroll to the information on these this great trip to Scotland
The legendary MARY BLACK is coming to the Philadelphia area on October 24th. Her last live concert tour! Not to be missed. Details on our Up-Coming Events page.
Are you on our e-mail event notification list? Send us an e-mail and we'll let you know about all of our happenings! eohebrides@aol.com

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